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About Us

HCG Environment Pte Ltd was founded by Beng Siew Construction Pte Ltd and Yi Hui Metals Pte Ltd, leaders in construction, demolition and scrap metal management respectively. We provide waste management and disposal services for industrial and construction industries. Operating on a1.2 hectare plot of land the facility is able to handle solid waste of various sizes for sorting and segregation.

HCG Environment helps companies in Singapore achieve safe and responsible commercial, industrial and municipal waste management.

As part of our view that all waste is a resource, we aim to recover, recycle and reuse waste wherever possible. HCG Environment is strongly committed to the safe and responsible management of waste, regulatory compliance and the protection and enhancement of the environment.

We are one of the few waste disposal companies managing asbestos waste. Whether you need hazardous or non-hazardous waste disposal or recycling services, we can customize the right waste management solutions for your business.

Our Vision

We seek to provide an integrated, cost-effective one-stop waste collection and disposal services to companies in Singapore.


Singapore’s urban society is seeing rising numbers in waste disposal needs every year. HCG Environment aims to work together with customers and NEA regulations to maintain a healthy, clean and green environment for all.

We are active in recycling services to reduce carbon emissions, sustainable development and diverting waste away from landfills. We strive to work together to a Zero Waste Singapore.

why us?

Our integrated waste management services aim for cost-effectiveness and to provide companies with a single source of contact for their waste disposal needs. Our facility and equipment such as shredders, balers and excavators, enable us to unload, sort and safely dispose of all kinds of solid and bulky waste.

We seek to minimize waste in Singapore and do this by encouraging recycling efforts through our services. HCG Environment was set up by Beng Siew Construction Pte Ltd and Yi Hui Metals Pte Ltd, two leading companies with long years of history in demolition and scrap metal management.