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At HCG Environment, we are more than a waste management and disposal company. We are able to tailor our services to provide the best solution for our clients.

Industrial & Commercial Waste Collection

Whether it is a one-time bulk waste removal for your factory or commercial waste disposal service for your business, HCG Environment provides a range of containers and service schedules to match your needs. Our services are cost-effective and efficient in helping customers manage all kinds of industrial, commercial and municipal waste. We have the facilities and can provide on-site logistics for waste collection and disposal. The waste materials are sorted at our facility, with recoverable materials being sent for recycling to minimize landfill. The remaining collected waste is sent for incineration according to NEA regulations. If you have special needs for destruction of confidential data, find out more about our service here. Contact us to know how we can integrate waste collection services and a convenient collection schedule for your business.  


Whether you are going through a company-wide restructuring or expansion, product recalls or seeking to responsibly dispose of ageing inventory, our product destruction and disposal services can help. Different types of materials we have managed include everything from confidential documents to packaged and bottled products, machinery and various bulky waste. All of these are disposed of through methods approved by NEA. We guarantee total peace of mind with our certification of destruction for the waste materials under our care. HCG has been a trusted partner to companies from all kinds of industries in Singapore. Contact us if you need to dispose of confidential data, or expired, obsolete or defective goods.

Collection of Recyclables (Recycling)

As part of our integrated waste management services, we view all waste as a resource and place a strong focus on incorporating recovery, recycling and reuse in everything we do. Our sustainable approach to waste management aims to maximise material recovery and recycling and minimise waste sent to incineration plants. We work with businesses to minimise landfill costs by maximising their recoverable and recyclable waste. Minimizing waste is greatly beneficial in extending resource value and the lifespan of Singapore’s landfill sites. We view recycling as key to sustainable development, and offer recycling services for all sorts of recoverable materials, such as scrap metal, mixed paper and mixed plastics. A growing number of companies are active in joining Singapore’s Zero Waste initiative. Enquire about our one-stop integrated recycling and waste management services today.

Food Waste Collection

Food waste needs to be collected periodically to prevent pest and bacteria build-up and maintain a pleasant working or living environment. We are partnered with multiple companies for food waste disposal across industrial, construction and municipal sites. Together, we can safeguard health, foster sustainability and keep public spaces clean and litter-free. Our range of Mobile Garbage Bins (MGB) enables fast and efficient food waste disposal. Contact us if you need timely food waste collection services.

Asbestos Waste Collection

Asbestos disposal is strictly controlled by government regulations and only NEA approved waste management service providers can carry out disposal duties. HCG specializes in and is permitted by NEA to safely dispose of asbestos waste. Our work ensures all disposal guidelines are met for the protection of the workers and the general public. We can save you time by customizing our services to include collection of other waste materials and recycling in addition to asbestos waste disposal.

Project Based Services

Depending on their nature of work, not all companies need frequent waste disposals. However, there are times when you may have large amounts of leftover waste and lack the logistics to handle it so you can focus on your own tasks. If you need short-term waste collection and disposal services for upcoming or ongoing projects, we can arrange for timely waste collections based on your needs. Many of our customers ranging from the construction to various industrial sectors have benefitted from the convenience of ad-hoc, quarterly or yearly waste collection and disposal.